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A successful Employee Benefits package is only as good as the level of understanding and appreciation that an organization's employees have for the plans.   At Evolve Consulting Group, we believe that it is crucial for an orginizations employees to understand the value of their benefits.  We provide our clients with several options to help communicate their benefits to the employees.

Total Compensation Statements
Employee Open Enrollment Commmunication Pieces
Quarterly Benefits Update Meetings as Needed
Online Employee Center

Evolve  Online Employee Center

Employee Center expands upon all the capabilities of Benefits Central, adding true employee self-service to your organization. Total compensation statements, online enrollment and employee claims management are just a few of the employee self-service options available with Employee Center.

What You Get From the Employee Center

  • A true self-service solution for employees
    • Employee profile management
    • Read-only or edit rights
    • Topic based access control
    • Individual employee document access abilities for annual reviews, letters, notifications, etc.
  • Employee data management system
  • Quick and accurate communication of employee benefit summaries
  • Benefits & Compensation
    • Accurate and easy-to-read benefit summaries
    • Choose from a variety of benefit and compensation statements
    • Include company contribution, exclude contribution and advanced customization
  • New hire and open enrollment capabilities
    • Digitally integrated carrier enrollment forms
    • Comparative benefit summaries
    • Complete control and customization of the enrollment process
  • Complete employee communication, service and support system
    • Communicate sick leave and vacation policies
    • Complete time-off and attendance tracking
    • Employee ability to submit time-off requests
    • Full accrual and decrement tracking
    • HR and employee ticket management for employment issues

Benefits of Employee Center

This solution is designed for employees at any computer skill level and is login and password protected enabling the quick addition of features such as benefit summaries, total compensation reports, and other employee-specific information pages.

With the inclusion of Gen4's Benefits Central, the Employee Center is your complete employee self-service solution providing policy and benefit communications as well as company communications, allowing you to spend time on other daily HR responsibilities.




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