Health Advocate

Evolve Consulting Group, Inc. offers the Health Advocate program to our clients in order to help the Human Resources departments help their employees navigate the difficult maze of healthcare. 

The Health Advocate program offers the following to employees:

Clinical Support. Find best doctors; obtain second opinions; research treatments; schedule appointments with specialists.

Administrative Support.
Help resolve insurance claims; correct billing mistakes and navigate within an insurance company.

Healthcare Coaching.
Prepare employees for doctor visits; inform about medical tests and treatments; explain complex conditions.

Information and Resource Support.
Assist with eldercare; help with Medicare applications; arrange wellness services and transportation

Key Benefits:

  • Independent and objective service
  • Increases productivity and reduces claims costs
  • Eases burden on Human Resources staff
  • Helps support consumer-driven health programs
  • Increases employee satisfaction and retention
  • Improves quality of care
  • Helps employees better balance work and family health concerns
  • Professional, non-adversarial approach to finding the right answers
  • Complies with HIPAA privacy and confidentiality requirements



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